The right sporting floors in Melbourne stadiums

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There are several stadiums in Melbourne; however, one of the largest stadiums is the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium, being one of the largest cricket stadiums in the whole world and holding position 10 worldwide. Initially, the stadium was meant to only play cricket games; however recently, Melbourne Cricket Ground is used for a variety of games as well as other recreational functions when there are no cricket games. The official human capacity that was designed for the stadium ranges at 100,024 individuals, although it has been reported that the stadium has ever accommodated more than 143,000 individuals in a crusade rally. Apart from MCG, there are stadiums in Melbourne such as the Docklands stadium, Melbourne Arena, and other basketball, football, rugby, and tennis stadiums.

Due to the high number of attendances among individuals in the stadiums and the numerous types of games played, Melbourne stadium floors is no doubt meant to be strong and efficient for the players and audience in all expected weather. For these reasons, several planning processes are carried out to ensure the right sporting floor is identified in Melbourne stadiums.

Once a stadium’s land has already been identified, the flooring types are always part of the construction design. This is to ensure; all construction aspects and costs are all identified in the initial construction phases.  Some of the critical factors that go into the planning and identifying of the appropriate sporting floors in Melbourne stadiums include the following.

Sustainable Flooring

Stadiums are built to survive through decades and even centuries, therefore, when identifying the right flooring type of sustainable flooring is of great importance. When considering sustainability, most floor manufacturers create environmentally sustainable sports flooring. This can even be the case in formal venues within the Melbourne stadiums that are meant to be hired by external parties. This ensures there’s less carbon emission by using previously discarded materials. Melbourne Cricket Ground tops in using sustainable flooring in which, there has been a report that by incorporating IoT there has been 24% less emission of carbon in the air. Before purchasing and installing any floor type, most stadium managers run a search on its environmental friendliness and the materials used in creating the floor.  

People having fun at the concert

       Games activities on the Floor

An important factor to consider before installing any floor is the type of games that will be carried out on the floor. In Melbourne a variety of activities are carried out in sports stadiums, therefore a basketball flooring will be different from football, rugby, tennis, and cricket sports flooring. Prior to installing any floor type stadium managers ensure the chosen floor type would be effectively appropriate for the identified game.

              Types of Sporting Floor

There are numerous sports flooring types in the market. And before any of the floor types are installed, the stadium manager ensures they identify whether they need a resilient anchored floor, portable floor, or floating floor.  The chosen floor type is able to help the player feel firm on the floor or help the ball to easily bounce when being played. Moreover, when identifying the appropriate floor type, stadium managers usually consider the climate and temperature of the stadium. This is because; installing maple floor, for example, may expand when absorbing moisture when humidity is high, and contracts when there is dry air while releasing the moisture back. Also, portable floors are essential when the court is used temporarily; hence it’s not frequently applied in Melbourne stadiums.

               Quality of Floor

Once a project to construct a stadium has kicked off, the costs of aspects like the floors are usually contained in the overall budget. A small budget may force one to opt for low-quality flooring, however, in Melbourne stadiums quality floors are a top priority. In case there’s limited budget, a change in budget allocation is usually carried out to ensure the right quality of floors is installed. This is because quality floors are usually more advantageous to the players, they are monochromatic, and the light colour enables light reflection to help in line identification during competitions.

The planning process that leads to the right identification of appropriate floors is quite tiresome. However, through detailed analysis and identification of appropriate products, stadium managers in Melbourne are able to create top sports stadiums in the world.