Creativity, passion and a skill for organisation, design, and detail make up an interior designer. Their role is to research, decorate, combine and manage ideas for a room to be enhanced and maximise its purpose. 

While they pour time and effort into building up the ambience that matches the ideas clients have in mind, it remains a business that needs nurturing, advertisement and connection. All of this pushes an interior designer to create an outcome that could inspire, rejuvenate and express.


Interior design is the art of making a room aesthetically productive given space and furniture and with a specific décor style. Understanding how an interior designer dedicates their abilities to the craft, more often than not, dealing with clients could be nerve-wracking. 

Beautification is most often associated with perfection. Interior designers are always expected to create a perfect outcome. In this accord, it’s unavoidable a clash may eventually emerge.


You must consider that the client’s final say shall prevail. Any business gains popularity through referrals. No successful business person takes the power of word of mouth for granted. 

Here are some suggestions that you may find worthy of holding onto when you find yourself becoming frustrated because of a ruthless client, a faulty supplier or a fast-approaching deadline.

Establish these 3 R’s to keep you in the game; research, refresh and review. 

When you are focused on achieving something with all your being, the universe should cooperate. As you set your mind toward an idea, you should start to see things that you didn’t pay attention to before.

As an interior designer let’s say, you got hold of the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 which is ‘Living Coral’. That thought alone will open you up to seeing it more and more. So many things all of a sudden will emerge in coral.

This hue stands up for energy and vibrancy. Almost all sports brands release jackets and rubber shoes in this colour. For a time, it was the trending hair colour too. From there, it inspired fashion to embrace sustainability. Suddenly, everything was all about sustainability. 


When you are focused, ideas will flow. When you are 100% dedicated to your research, you can bring the best suggestions to your client. 


Having a work-life balance helps harbour new ideas for your work. Branding is one thing, but staying refreshed concerning strategic plans and aesthetics is another. And usually, this is what a client needs.


Review your clients’ wishes, review the basics of interior design and review the planned design. Combining these three aspects will never see you wrong. One element cannot survive on its own. If any of these aspects are neglected, it may cost you your career, license or integrity.

Be a source of light

When a client comes to you, the usual line they start with is, “This is what I want with this much budget only”, often expecting that you’d magically create flawless results for them. That pressure can build up so you must communicate realistic expectations. As an expert in your field, you can decorate a room on a budget without compromising the dream outcome of the client.

Bring forth as many options as available — present quality outcomes to establish the brand and put yourself in the client’s shoes. 

Stay professional

There will always be problems that arise. Be patient around any clash, disagreements, and with improvements. Clients will change their minds from time to time, but it helps when you generate a final plan.

As an interior stylist expert, honour contracts, honour deadlines and deliver what was paid for. In the long run, what you’re honouring is your relationship with your client. Nothing beats word of mouth! This is how you get more connections and in the future, more clients.

To summarise, the right attitude is to be an open vessel. Learn as you go and respect your profession, your client and most of all yourself.