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Commune / The Content Optimization Company™ It’s the holiday season—and whether you spend this time of year
clad in holiday sweaters smiling tearily through Linus’s speech on the
meaning of Christmas, or huddled under your covers in Scrooge-like
misery, you probably appreciate free stuff.

So we thought
we’d share some of our favorite free tools for comprehensive content
analysis (which, by the way, we also offer free). Because unless you’re
talking about traffic, it’s always better to give than to receive.

Get an Instant Opinion
is a useful site that’s good for an overall SEO evaluation. If you’re
in a rush, just plug in your URL to get a percentage score on your SEO

Check Your Keyword Rank

Of course, an overall score is less important than your site’s actual
rank in search engines. To see whether jolly Saint Google’s been good
to your keywords, you need the handy Rank Checker for Firefox.

Evaluate Your Keyword Density

Found that you’re ranking lower than Rudolph’s popularity among the
other reindeer? Perhaps your keyword density’s to blame. Find out with
a keyword density analysis.

Determine Your Link Popularity

Ready to retire by the fireplace with a cup of eggnog? If only it were
that easy. Keyword density’s just one part of optimization. External
links are also important. So check your link popularity and compare it
to competitors with a Marketleap Link Popularity Check.

Go the Extra Mile

That’s a good start. But Santa always pushes on, delivering gifts far
and wide. In that spirit, you might also want to check your site for
standards compliance using the W3C Validator. And to see how it looks to live humans, rather than search engines, run it through a Feng-GUI automatic eye-tracking analysis.

Give Back

And now that you’ve been blessed with these gifts?

Return the favor and post your own links in the comments.

Instant Content Optimization Cover Want another free gift? Download our free Instant Content Optimization manual and discover nine proven strategies you can apply today.

Want to optimize your website or a client’s for the holidays? Claim your complimentary content optimization analysis and learn where you’re leaking traffic, leads and sales.

 A Santa Sack of Free SEO Tools  A Santa Sack of Free SEO Tools  A Santa Sack of Free SEO Tools  A Santa Sack of Free SEO Tools

 A Santa Sack of Free SEO Tools

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